Add an Instagram feed to Webflow using Behold

Add an Instagram feed to Webflow using Behold

Behold makes it dead-simple to add Instagram feeds to your Webflow project.

Get your embed code

To get started first connect a source and create a widget.

Next you'll want to have your Embed code handy:

  1. Navigate to the feeds page and click anywhere on your widget to open the widget details popup.
  2. Click on Embed code in the sidebar
  3. Click on the copy button to add the code to your clipboard.

Add your feed to Webflow

Once you have your embed code, adding your feed to Webflow is extremely easy:

  1. Go to your site designer in Webflow
  2. Click on the + in the upper left, and find the Embed element
  3. Add an embed element to your layout, and paste in your Behold embed code
  4. Save. Publish. Enjoy!

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