Frequently asked questions

  1. Behold works anywhere. It doesn't matter if you're building with WordPress, Shopify, Gatsby or Ghost. Other solutions are platform-specific.
  2. Direct API access. Other services only offer rigid pre-built widgets that come with a ton of CSS and JS and are a hassle to customize or integrate with a modern front-end stack.

    If our embeddable widget doesn't do what you need, we let you build your integration however you want. So you can make cool things like the feed on our homepage.

  3. We're small. This is an independent project built by a single developer. I use the product myself, so if something isn't working right, you better believe it's getting fixed. That also means that when you reach out to customer service, you're talking to someone who can actually solve your problem right away.
We sure do! It's easy to use, highly configurable and works on any platform.
Yes and yes!
Yes! Business and creator Instagram acccounts now have access to hashtag feeds through Behold.
With our paid plans your feeds will continue to function, as long as you don't hit your limit of views two months in a row. On our free plan your account will be paused whenever you hit your limit, until the beginning of the next month.

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